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If you are frequently stopped by the fashion police on the way to the bar, don’t expect to get very far with picky, pristine Virgo.Impossible to please, compulsively critical, and constantly vexed by minor irritants, Virgos will get on best with cat lovers, an animal sharing many of the same traits.Shower well afterward, if you plan to get close to finicky Virgo. For evening excursions, theater is the diversion of choice.Tickets to don’t want him to get a crush on Rocky, who is most definitely Virgo’s type.A betrayed Virgo can be somewhat vicious, so take care with his heart if he’s generous enough to give it to you What to expect on a Virgo date A trip to the gym for a workout session is a good way to warm up with health-nut Virgo. Intimate bike rides along lonely woodland trails can be a good way to get to know Virgo…and who knows what will happen when you take a breather at the trailhead?Although he is known for showing a little roundness around his own waist, he’ll want to be chiseled like an Athenian statue. You might wind up breathing heavier than you thought!

Virgos, like elephants, never forget, and you’ll want to brush up your on your Harry Lorayne Memory Power courses, if you expect to keep track of the exhaustive list of your lover’s preferences.

But I know there is no one in this life love me more than that except my parents and my best girl friend.

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