Updating escd nvram

I've traced the BIOS and got the bit of code that sets the bits in MSR 0x3A.

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It seems strange how the offsets increment by 3, but the values reported are 16-bit.seg004:0C06 jnz short next seg004:0C08 les bx, [bp address] seg004:0C0B mov ecx, es:[bx 7] ; address of Phoenix Dispatch Manager seg004:0C10 mov addr PDM, ecx seg004:0C15 seg004:0C15 next: ; CODE XREF: get Dispatch Manager 29 seg004:0C15 ; get Dispatch Manager 48 seg004:0C15 add word ptr [bp address], 10h seg004:0C19 seg004:0C19 is Valid Module Entry: ; CODE XREF: get Dispatch Manager 11 seg004:0C19 mov ax, word ptr [bp address] seg004:0C1C cmp [bp value], ax ; end of table?seg004:0C1F ja short is Module PDM seg004:0C21 leave seg004:0C22 retf seg004:0C22 get Dispatch Manager endp Yes, I use IDA Pro extensively.I recently used it to reverse-engineer the Sony Notebook Control Windows driver, and am using that as the basis to write a complete implementation for Linux: a kernel-driver (snc.ko) and user-space Gnome control apps.

In real-mode 6CE8h:0E6FE4313h is the address of the Phoenix Dispatch Manager - dispatch Manager(...) described above. I fetched the Free DOS floppy boot image and put it on a real floppy diskette, with on another diskette.

I wrote a trivial program to set the VMX bit and update the checksum.