Sex dating in red deer

The animals band together in three distinct kinds of groups: one or two females with young calves, three to six adult and yearling females with calves, and all-male groups with two to 18 members.Typically tame, the nilgai may appear timid and cautious if harassed or alarmed; it flees up to 300 metres (980 ft)-or even 700 metres (2,300 ft), galloping away from the source of danger.Herbivores, nilgai prefer grasses and herbs, though they commonly eat woody plants in the dry tropical forests of India.Females become sexually mature by two years, while males do not become sexually active until four or five years old.As typical of several bovid species, nilgai calves stay hidden for the first few weeks of their lives. Nilgai prefer areas with short bushes and scattered trees in scrub forests and grassy plains.They are common in agricultural lands, but hardly occur in dense forest.The nilgai is the sole member of the genus Boselaphus and placed in the family Bovidae.

A sturdy thin-legged antelope, the nilgai is characterised by a sloping back, a deep neck with a white patch on the throat, a short crest of hair along the neck terminating in a tuft, and white facial spots.I get that modern women need the energy to properly service bring the movies man (language warning).But why should a beta sign up to be the one to feed her?The time of the year when mating takes place varies geographically, but a peak breeding season lasting three to four months can be observed at most places.