Sep intrusion prevention signatures not updating

It combines technologies from previous Symantec products such as: Mason will provide two different configurations: Mason-owned systems managed by Information Technology Services and Unmanaged for Mason-owned systems not managed by ITS and students and personal systems.Users managed in MESA (Windows) will automatically be upgraded to the new version.Users connected to Casper (Macs) can get the update in Casper's Self Service. It is recommended that Macs be enrolled in Casper to receive automatic updates in the future.Those not connected to the MESA or Casper will have to manually download the new client, which is now available on the IT Services web site at edu/downloads/or at edu.New systems and rebuilt systems will come with SEP 14 already installed.For further information and any questions regarding how-to instructions, please contact the Information Technology Services Support Center at 703-993-8870 or via e-mail at [email protected]

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