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The site ensures all images also feature the simple embed code, complete with attribution link.Comp A search engine that can filter for only CC images on Flickr, as well as separately show some paid for Shutterstock images. Creative A great place to search for Creative Commons images across Flickr, Pixabay, Google Images, and Open Clip Art Images of animals, categorized like a directory, all licensed under Creative Commons.After looking at macaques, stuffed ducks, and red shovelers, I can say the image quality is outstanding.Free Media Minimal selection, very few themes. Deviant Art: This site is full of stunning images; the community creating and curating the site enjoys fantasy, role play, , etc.The section of the site dedicated to CC images is a bit difficult to navigate; the site actually encourages you to use Google to search it, with the query string: "This work is licensed under Creative Commons." Free Range Stock: Royalty-free images abound, about 50 percent high quality, 50 percent novice.

Big Images based on locations around the world.I found about one in seven images was CC, but many of those were still not available for commercial use.(Morgue does offer HTML for posting the image, though, which I found quite helpful.) Unrestricted Stock: A mix of stock photos and vectors, this site is entirely free and everything may be used for commercial purposes, according to its license Great range of images (but searches for brought up a surprising number of images of young girls in suggestive situations).

You can search for CC images specifically permitted for commercial use with the tick of a box.

From Old Excellent resource for vintage images scanned from old storybooks.

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