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Rule 11 is a federal provision that essentially subjects attorneys and their clients to possible legal sanction if they make unsubstantiated claims.It doesn't apply in EEOC filings—nevertheless, this aspect of the EEOC complaint was simply false, according to White.It's hard not to see parallels between Jaeger's situation and that of Northwestern University Professor Peter Ludlow, who was accused of engaging in a nonconsensual sexual relationship with a student—even though, as Laura Kipnis wrote in her book about the Ludlow investigation, it was difficult to imagine how the long-running relationship could possibly have been forced. Moreover, in their zeal to destroy Jaeger's career, she says they have imperiled hers."What would it mean to not consent to sending a a professor in Rochester's cognitive and brain sciences department. "In what was purported to be a campaign to protect and empower women, Florian's accusers—my own colleagues—belittled my professional achievements and insinuated that I was complicit in his behaviors or even enabled them," she writes via email."My client Florian Jaeger has now undergone three separate determined he did not violate any law or University policy," says his lawyer, Steve Modica."Now some members of the faculty senate wish to revoke Florian's tenure because he engaged in consensual relationships 10 years ago with several female students.As White's report noted: The unedited Facebook messages between Jaeger and Kidd, as well as their email communications, suggest that in summer 2007, when Kidd moved into Jaeger's house, their relationship was friendly and harmonious, and we found no evidence indicating that Jaeger coerced Kidd into living with him.

He used obnoxious and objectifying sexual language, intentionally crossed boundaries with women, including undergraduates, intentionally humiliated female students, and knowingly made women feel physically unsafe; they got the sense that their discomfort excited him. Largely absent from the conversation is one inconvenient fact: Jaeger was cleared of any wrongdoing. It's easy to see why investigators repeatedly reached this conclusion: University policy did not bar professors from engaging in sexual relationships with their students until 2014, by which point Jaeger's objectionable behavior had ceased.

He used illegal drugs with students and hosted hot tub parties. Student-activists have protested Jaeager's continuing employment at Rochester. That's why Rochester determined that while Jaeger may have crossed certain lines, there was no grounds to terminate him—a decision the university stood by even after the complainants appealed.