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Those summer nights are still alive for the duo, who have reunited in song for the first time with a Christmas charity album, This Christmas.The FIX caught up with the chummy duo about their musical reunion and the secret behind their sizzling on-screen chemistry.It’s a stand-out performance as a cocaine-snorting, champagne- swigging mother of the bride in the funniest comedy film in years, A Few Best Men.“These are my best times,” she says, as we talk at the hotel where she’s staying with husband John Easter- ling, 62, with whom she always travels these days. “I never thought I would be saying this at my age but I do feel happier and sexier than ever.

Both the show host and the actor tried to woo the 4-year-old back onto the stage, but he wasn't having it, and instead chose to run into his mom's arms.Both Kelly and Ella eventually reveal that she isn't dating just yet, which is perfectly fine with dad! "I never want my children to leave the house, ever."This isn't the first time the and made it clear that he wasn't totally ready for life in front of the cameras."I took him to Toys 'R Us recently, and he said to me when we got out of the truck and in the cart, 'Why are all these people wanting my photograph?' Because I didn't know if he knew I was in films or not," the A-lister explained. I don't want to force [it]."But when host David Letterman asked to bring Benjamin onto the set, he became a little shy."The script was even rewritten for me so I could play an Australian girl who was about to return to her country,” she says.

“In the original she was an American who was just going back to school.” There were rumours that they were having an affair during filming. “But nothing was going on.” There have been many films since but Newton-John produces the performance of a lifetime in A Few Best Men.

“The director Stephan Elliott told me, ‘This will kill Sandy’s image off for ever,’” she says, “but I said, ‘The world does not want Sandy to ever die.

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    John Travolta is just a dad on the outside, and that's where he wants to be. The American Crime Story The People v. O. J. Simpson star appears on The Ellen DeGeneres.…