Get her back even if she is dating someone

She may even put her foot down at this point and insist on no further contact.You have to throw every thing you think you know about getting her back out the window. You may feel compelled to do certain things when you are trying to get your ex girlfriend back.

If your ex girlfriend has already jumped back into the dating pool, you may feel as though you never mattered to her.Even though you might want a new beginning, you should still tap back into those old loving feelings.An easy way to recreate happy times is to meet up in a safe, familiar environment—like an outing with your mutual friend group.If she ended the relationship there was a reason for it.

If you continue to call her, she’ll feel trapped and she’ll feel as though she can’t breathe. Telling your ex girlfriend that unless she gets back together with you right now, you’ll be gone forever, is a very bad idea.

Take her number off speed dial and ignore her name in your email address book. She’ll feel pressured and in most cases she’ll tell you that it’s permanently over.