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Fans then receive a code that allows them to purchase tickets and beat the scalpers at their own game.To date, more than one million users have registered for Verified Fan services. In addition to partnering with acts like the 1975 and Ed Sheeran, Live Nation/Ticketmaster most recently worked with Twenty One Pilots for five homecoming dates in Columbus, Ohio, taking place at venues of varying size between June 20 and 25. The spillover to the secondary market was almost nonexistent by industry standards.And as a solution, he wrote that “OBVIOUSLY we’re going to look seriously at the way we sell these tickets.” They announced four more shows at Terminal 5, a much smaller venue, as a way to make it up to the fans, slinging potshots at scalpers, referring to an invisible “they” as “you fucking fuck” and “shitbags.” Concertgoers were required to show an ID and credit card for entry each night of the show when picking up tickets from will call.

By the day of the first show, a pair were listed at $1,074.60 on the reselling platform.This is where the majority of tickets are sold, and on average, 46 percent of tickets remain for the general public.The venue itself — Madison Square Garden or Brooklyn Steel or the like — gets a piece of the fees tacked on to ticket sales, while the vendors — Ticketmaster, Ticketfly, AXS — act as the primary market, making their money from service and convenience fees for an annual value of $25 billion.On February 5, 2011, New York City’s LCD Soundsystem announced its extravagant farewell. I HATE you,” tweeted the band’s official account the next day.

On April 2 of that same year, the indie collective said that it would play its final show at the highest heights of Big Apple performances: Madison Square Garden. The general tickets became available three days later.

They make a profit by engaging in price gouging, selling the ticket for much higher than face value, and gaining an upper hand on the real fans.

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