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"The Avengers" actor and the "Star Trek Into Darkness" starlet were seen on a dinner date at John's Italian Restaurant in New York City on Dec.14.The duo are currently in town filming the romantic film, " Train," in which Evans is directing and starring in.In an ideal world, all relationships have a happy ending. However, in the real world, this is not always the case.There are relationships that cannot stand the test of time.

Tell your friends, tell his friends, tell your cousins dog-walker that your ex is a big ole cheater and we guarantee hell have to do some serious soul-searching before he can move on.But when a relationship between two people is going downhill with no hope of ever improving, then it might be necessary.A break up may be the only solution if one person no longer finds a special connection with the other.It can lead to serious depression, emotional strain, insecurity and extreme feelings of loneliness for some people.

Getting back up may be an arduous climb most of the time.

Now that you have established a strong and stable relationship as a couple, you might need to start preparing for the other steps.