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With Mindy, it's a perk of the job, but it's awkward too only because you're surrounded by people watching you kiss. Glamour: How nervous were you when it came time to film the kiss on the airplane? Glamour: I feel like I'm your therapist right now sitting here on the couch. Twenty-two's a lot of television. Chris: I wasn't really that nervous to be honest. I've kissed a lot of girls in movies, so I was OK. I wasn't that nervous about the butt grab either. [Glamour: Mindy was singing your praises to me because you had a lot of screen time in that episode without dialogue and you had to convey so many feelings. I love playing him, and they write really well for me. And then sometimes, like a lot of guys, I take for granted and forget, and then I wake up and try again. I love watching people—and I think there's a lot of this in the show, particularly with Mindy and Danny—where people can't connect and they're looking for a connection and they keep missing each other. If you love the characters enough and you're rooting for them, but they just keep missing each other, that's really fun to participate in as an audience member.] I hope I'm good at this! []Glamour: What's your prep before your scenes? I know it's going well when we're laughing, when we're breaking. I think she's extremely funny, extremely confident, extremely smart, and, at times, bratty. Chris: They'll divorce and get back together and then divorce again.

Chris: Twenty-two episodes is a lot, but it's fun too. I'm surrounded by so many amazing actors, and to think about all the amazing actors that are even better than me and unemployed, I'm very lucky. I actually think they might bring out the best in the other. Chris: I haven't watched a lot of television, but when I was kid I watched Twitter follower @metetomas superimposed this photo of me and Chris because "I hope the interview with Chris was like this." I still can't stop laughing! Don't miss these two amazing back-to-back episodes, and and come back to immediately after the show because I'll have commentary from Mindy Kaling. And what do you want to see happen for him and Mindy?He seemed genuinely excited that I was so gung-ho to talk about the show, his acting, his process, and more. After a big hug before I left, he said to me, "I just want to thank you for this. Glamour: Our female readers—and me too—would kill me if I didn't ask if you're romantic like we've seen Danny become as well? She's in the moment and present with you, but she's also observing, and a lot of that stuff ends up seeping into the characters. Chris: She said I was a pain in the ass, grumpy, and that's all she said. It sounds kinda lazy, but if you're loose in comedy you can find...actually, if you're loose and relaxed in anything you do, you're usually better at it and more open to finding stuff.