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(Listen below.)We caught up with Green to chat about the new music and putting its fate in someone else's hands. It was [producer/songwriter] Jon Randall's idea. He called me and said he had a song, so I listened in my car on my way home from the airport and I got these chills all over my body.The first thing I did when I got in the house was play it for my wife, and she's like, "Whoa, that's amazing! It was my first time in a studio with him, so that was a real treat.

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My brother, my wife and my daughter all have asthma, and it's not a very talked about condition. Our stated goal is to give to foundations that are underfunded or have a hard time raising funds.Beginning with the true account of an unexpected and infatuating landing at the Drew, Mississippiairstrip, base of her parent's flying service, combining country story telling verses with a sort of bubble gum chorus, Brandi proceeds to an interpretation of a Tracy Chapman classic in a style you might expect to hear a lot more of if Marlene Dietrich opened a cabaret in Rolling Fork Brandi Lyle songs.Raised in Drew, Mississippi, where her mother, Lyle, says that she bounced on 'Pops' Staples knee, in a house that had previously been the childhood home of photographer William Eggleston, Brandi grew up surrounded by the mystique that has made the Mississippi Delta a cradle of musical passions, explored in the country-blues influenced '( Mississippi ) Countryside' Brandi Lyle buy CD music."But I've never made a record that I wasn't totally invested in and that I didn't like the sound.

When you make records with big producers or big record labels, those records are really bombastic — that's just the way they are going to sound.

The difference is when you're working with studio guys, they work a lot faster and there's an emotional connection but its not nearly as deep as the emotional connection with the guys you spent half the year on the road with.