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December 28, 2017: Rapper Bow Wow gave a CRAZY interview yesterday with the homies over at Hollywood Unlocked. If you have time, PLEASE listen to the whole einterview, it’s great. He wishes it didn’t end the way it did because they were really cool. *On his birthday, Keyshia wanted to do something with him, but his boys ended up surprising him with a party his house. Here are the CLIFFNOTES: *Spoke to Angela Simmons yesterday. *Everyone thinks that they were in this longterm relationship, but really they never were official. They invited a bunch of girls and they were all over him, and it ended up on Snapchat. He wasn’t really feeling it, and he kept telling his friends that he was about to go to sleep. He was seeing other girls while they were talking, but they weren’t exclusive. They just saw each other for the first time at their daughter’s Christmas play at school. *He and Angela could never make it official because she was virgin and was saving herself for marriage. They tried it off and on multiple times but it couldn’t work. So he went to his bedroom and went outside to smoke. Then there was a cake outside that said “Happy Birthday Shad” and the Shad part had been messed up. She was the one that he was spending the most time with though. He told her that she would either be single forever or that she would have a baby. *He said dudes mess up because they wife up the good girl to appease others when they know they really fuck with the “Nasty girls,” so they should really just wife up the “Nasty Girls.” That’s why Erica got the ring and not anybody else. *He never saw the side of Erica that she portrays on TV. They ended up meeting at Warwick and they had a great time. She’s one of the sweetest girls he’s ever been with. He wasn’t feeling her like that because at the time; he was seeing some girl in Trinidad. He brought her to a dinner with Usher and Jermaine. Jermaine was telling him that he should go public with her, but he was nervous because he hadn’t publicly dated outside of his race. He had an interview with Angie Martinez, and she co-hosted. *Karrine allegedly said that he was the best she’s ever had. *When he and Ciara were together, they were both learning (sexually). *He used to always see Kim with Paris, whom he was cool with. They started seeing each other right before she got with Reggie. This was like 2007, around the time she did the King Magazine cover. However, he decided to answer anyway: Bow Wow: “Well, at one time they both was my women correct?So if you put one and one together I mean, of course we must have been doing the do if they was my women, correct?

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From saying that he makes his girlfriends famous, to kissing and telling about his exes on national TV, Bow Weezy just can’t get it right.One fan wrote, “Bow Wow will be in his feelings shortly hahhaha” Bow Wow responded, “nope! They looked like they called it quits for good after Bow wow fathered a child, Shai Moss, with a model, Joie Chavis. Everything happened in the most perfect way.” YES!! Simmons’ boyfriend turned fiancé is a mystery to fans after she revealed she was dating just months ago.Simmons shared a video Tuesday morning and flaunted her diamond ring topped with pastel pink nail polish and yellow roses nearby. Fans have speculated that the lucky guy is Romeo Miller.She responded, “Umm…Well, we met a couple of times. A., we started hanging out a lot.” Miller fired a shot and said, “She started hosting ‘106 & Park’, that’s why,” referring to when Simmons and Bow Wow used to host the show together.

But Simmons made it clear her hosting the show with her ex wasn’t why she didn’t take things further with Miller.

Bow Wow Poses With Famous Exes Angela Simmons & Ciara Simmons and Miller were asked why they haven’t explored their chemistry with each other and sparked a relationship.